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Tri-State/Service Roofing & Sheet Metal Group is an experienced and established roofing contractor, mechanical contractor, and sheet metal fabricator with over 95 years of successful roofing installations. Using only time-tested, field-proven roofing products, we’ve installed well over one billion square feet of roofing.

Twelve locations serve commercial, institutional, and industrial customers throughout the Southeast, Mid-Atlantic, and Midwest. All offices have in-house metal fabrication shops and professionals in support of our roofing and mechanical services. Four locations have full-service HVAC/Mechanical departments with qualified service technicians performing new installation, planned service, and maintenance of HVAC/mechanical and refrigeration equipment.

Experience is the number one reason to choose the Tri-State/Service Group.

The Tri-State/Service Group combines the strength and stability of over 95 years in business plus twelve full-service locations with the individual drive of a local operation. Our organization is designed to offer our unique roofing and sheet metal expertise while providing superior customer service. Since 1923, we have successfully completed all types of roofing and sheet metal work, and can bring that experience to your project. Here are some other important reasons people choose us.

  • Financial Strength   We have the financial strength to take on the largest, most demanding projects; and are capable of bonding all jobs. We provide security.

  • Customer Focus   Each job is tailored to your individual needs. We have the knowledge to help you select the best application for your situtation.

  • Prompt Action   From your initial call, we respond promptly and openly with options and recommendations for your project. We provide 24-hour emergency contact information.

  • Quality   Only the highest quality materials are used and professionally applied. Our fully-equipped sheet metal shops allow for better coordination and higher overall quality installation.

  • Safety   No other company places safety as a higher priority. We employ in-house safety and risk managers. Tri-State/Service Group companies are fully insured to top dollar amounts for your protection.

  • Knowledge   We know roofing technology. Management continually evaluates technical data; and our people are updated on industry developments and techniques.

  • Competent People   Our people are fully trained and operate under professional and experienced supervision. We provide courteous, competent, professional people who take pride in their work and will treat your property with respect. Supervisors and foremen average 20 years of experience.

  • Flexibility   Our joint affiliation gives us the ability to move people, and their expertise, as necessary so we can offer a broader scope of services and the flexibility our customers require.

  • Integrity   Our pride in each job regardless of size assures you that your job is completed professionally and to your satisfaction. We have concern for your operation as a building owner.

  • Dependability   The Tri-State/Service Group has been counted on for quality roofing and sheet metal work and professional service for over 95 years.