Building Green

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Green buildings are high-performance buildings offering financial advantages as well as environmental benefits. Considering going green, or greener? A Tri-State/Service Group professional has the experience you’re looking for.


  • evaluating thermal efficiency and its effect on annual energy costs for different roof assemblies
  • determining appropriate amounts of roof insulation for maximum energy efficiency
  • providing roofing material selections with higher light reflectivity
  • offering choices of sustainable roofing materials with recycled/recyclable content or regional materials manufactured closest to your building site
  • designing and installing durable roof systems with an emphasis on life cycle costs
  • employing innovative design and quality application techniques to ensure the best fit to protect your structure and maintain energy efficiency
  • recommending the best maintenance program to keep your roofing system operating efficiently

Building systems and their environmental and economic impact

iStock_000001018560Medium-ACUnitCMYKTri-State’s Mechanical Division offers energy performance solutions.

  • performing energy audits, and pinpointing inefficiencies of existing HVAC units
  • engineering and installing the right size HVAC equipment and controls for your unique situation, resulting in more efficient operation
  • installing variable speed drives on your pump and cooling tower fans
  • identifying supplemental load sources and providing strategies to mitigate their negative impact on energy performance
  • performing indoor air quality analysis and recommending improvement measures
  • inspecting and cleaning your entire HVAC system, including all system components and the duct work
Did you know? As owners and managers look to reduce waste, they find that their buildings are one of the most immediate opportunities.

green-logos-flat-crop-smOur group can help you navigate the practical aspects of green standards.

Choosing which standard to use depends on the type of building, local regulations, and your "green" goals. How do you want to account for sustainability, and what goals are you pursuing?

  • performance-based results
  • certification recognition
  • or both?