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Roof coating application can be an economical and effective element of your roofing system’s maintenance, repair and/or installation. Advances in coating formulations have broadened their use and effectiveness in a greater range of applications. For roofs where coating application is a good choice, our group carefully selects proper formulations for specific projects, taking into account the roof substrate, condition, compatibility and desired results.

Did you know? There are customized coating specifications for metal, modified bitumen, smooth surfaced BUR, EPDM, PVC, and TPO membranes.

Performance and Sustainability Benefits

When properly installed, roof coatings can offer variable benefits including:

  • extended roof service life
  • protection of roof substrate
  • improved aesthetic appearance
  • improved reflectivity
  • reduced cooling loads
  • enhanced fire resistance
  • vapor-retardance
  • enhanced impact-resistance
  • noise reduction
  • enhanced UV and chemical resistance

Depending on its condition, power washing, scraping, wire brushing, rust removal and conditioning, seam and fastener sealing and priming, and repairing damaged flashing, blisters, and splits may be necessary before coating application.

The right coating. The right preparation.

Roof coatings cannot restore or improve structural integrity, or adhere to improperly prepared substrates. Proper flashing and waterproofing details are essential for a watertight installation. These are two important reasons to select the Tri-State/Service Group if you are considering this product. We can evaluate your unique situation to determine whether a roof coating is recommended. We can select a product compatible with your system, and have the experience and attention to detail required for proper surface preparation and installation.