COVID-19 Resources

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Tri-State/Service Group supports the diverse product fabrication and HVAC/mechanical needs of today’s businesses and institutions, helping them to respond to COVID-19, and to keep their communities safer.

Contact the office nearest you for help with these important projects.

Shields, panels, and barriers provide vital protection.

In response to increased safety and physical distancing requirements, our group can create custom product and installation solutions for your business or institution:

  • durable clear barriers in a range of materials including Lexan and Plexiglas
  • self-supporting, hanging, or metal-framed
  • cut-outs and custom shapes

We are in the business of building and can consult with you to provide the best solution and material for your individual location. With a fully equipped fabrication shop and experienced technicians we field-measure, fabricate and install custom shields, panels, and barriers.

HVAC/mechanical solutions make the indoor environment safer.

Our Professional Engineers are closely monitoring the latest operational recommendations of the HVAC industry organization, ASHRAE in response to COVID-19, and can help:

  • negative air pressurization systems
  • adding levels of filtration to highest compatible with filter rack, plus edge sealing
  • increasing outdoor air intakes
  • ultraviolet light systems
  • ionic air purification systems
  • proper maintenance of comfort system, maintaining recommended humidity levels

Tri-State/Service Group installed protective shields at customer service areas in retail stores, banks, and other institutions to help reduce the risk of viral and bacterial transmission.