Customer Service

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Responsive from Day One. From initial inquiry to quality product specification, production details, installation, and beyond–our customer service distinguishes us from less experienced contractors.

Before you order
  • A prompt, timely response to your inquiry with recommended specifications, alternate opportunities, and schedules
After you place an order
  • Prefab conference determines parameters
    • Access/Work schedule
    • Working conditions
    • Job site neatness and interior protection needs
    • Cleanup requirements
  • Communication
    • Work in progress
    • Available for questions, changes
    • 24-hour emergency phone contact
During the job
  • Personnel
    • Involvement of the right people
    • Introduction to working foreman
  • Viewing progress
    • Open invitation to view work
    • Photos of work in progress
  • Safety Assurance
    • One of the most effective programs in the industry
After the job
  • Job inspection, Itemized rating survey, Interview
Ongoing relationship
  • Maintain a continuing job file
  • Maintenance program availability