HVAC / Mechanical Service

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Whether you have critical systems that need ongoing monitoring, or you require only occasional technical support or repair, we can provide a cost-effective solution. Service and maintenance from Tri-State keeps your mechanical systems running at peak efficiency.

Tri-State technicians are trained, certified, and licensed to service products from all major equipment manufacturers. Contact us 24/7.

The right people. The right organization.

Knowledgeable in all aspects of HVAC/mechanical service and repair, Tri-State is the provider of choice for everything from routine service to complex repair or replacement of mechanical systems.
  • highly trained and experienced technicians, engineers, electricians, sheet metal mechanics
  • multiple dispatch locations
  • 24/7 availability
  • service all components of HVAC/mechanical systems
  • service products from all major equipment manufacturers
  • programs tailored to meet customers' needs
    • contracted daily, weekly, or regularly scheduled service
    • on-call service
    • on-site technicians
    • remote monitoring and control
  • ongoing training and certification program
  • in-house sheet metal fabrication shop
  • excellent safety record
  • all service technicians OSHA-, CPR-, and first aid-certified
  • Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation Drug-Free Safety Program member

All system components

We service all components of your mechanical system:
  • electric, oil, or gas-fired hot water or steam boilers
  • chillers
  • make-up air systems
  • pneumatic or electronic control systems
  • condensers
  • heating equipment
  • rooftop units
  • forced air furnaces
  • heat pumps
  • central air conditioning
  • air handling systems
  • computer room AC units
  • unit ventilators
  • cooling towers
  • coils
  • pumps
  • compressors
  • geothermal


Preventative HVAC maintenance from Tri-State

Tri-State looks for ways to improve the performance of your HVAC system, keeping occupants comfortable and energy costs low. With a planned service program from Tri-State, you can get the most out of your mechanical systems.
  • optimizes system performance
  • reduces system downtime
  • helps reduce energy costs
  • helps avoid unbudgeted repair expenses
Typical HVAC preventative maintenance procedures
  1. Summer
    1. ✓  perform air conditioning start-up and inspection
    2. ✓  clean evaporator coils as needed
    3. ✓  clean drain pans
    4. ✓  inspect electrical connections
    5. ✓  change filters
    6. ✓  change belts
  2. Mid-summer
    1. ✓  perform inspection and change filters
  3. Winter
    1. ✓  perform furnace start-up
    2. ✓  inspect burners
    3. ✓  change filters
    4. ✓  inspect electrical components and controls
  4. Mid-winter
    1. ✓  perform inspection and change filters