Metal Building Repair

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Tri-State/Service companies have the specialized experience needed to repair and maintain the entire exterior of your metal building. Our group knows where to look when diagnosing problems–understands metal building materials and construction methods, how they perform over time, and which materials and methods are best applied to repair your building successfully. Call any time 24/7, for assistance.

Did you know? Panel transitions, dents and breaks from foot traffic, exhaust deposits, and drilling residue are common causes and locations for rust.


  • replace damaged wall panels
  • find and fix roof leaks
  • correct improper details
  • repair/replace gutters/downspouts
  • refurbish skylights
  • repair/replace trim
  • replace fasteners, washers, and sealants

When it comes time for more extensive work, Tri-State/Service offers the best repair options:

  • coatings
  • remove and replace roof panels
  • retrofit roof systems