Multi-ply Roofing

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Multi-ply roofing systems have a long history of successful, leak-free installations with impressive longevity. Their strength, redundancy, and proven dependability is due to the fact that asphalt is an ideal roofing adhesive, forming a waterproof bond between surfaces. Nothing else compares.

Did you know? There are "cool" reflective Energy Star-compliant coating or cap sheet options available for multi-ply roof systems.

Multiple plies protect with redundancy.

In multi-ply systems, redundant bitumen/felt layers are completely adhered over the entire roof to create a monolithic barrier resulting in a durable, reliable roof.

  • superior puncture and leak protection
  • suitable for all types of roof decks
  • adaptable to meet any penetration or flashing configuration
  • economical: competitive cost per year of expected service life
  • withstands high roof traffic
  • excellent resistance to water and durability under prolonged exposure to weather
  • meets strict fire resistance requirements and provides wind uplift resistance under extreme wind conditions
  • easy to repair and maintain
  • performs well in extremes of heat and cold

The right multi-ply specification

With a variety of reinforcements, modifiers, and surfacing options available, a multi-ply system can be tailored to almost every type of construction and application. Tri-State/Service Group offers design, specification, and budgeting assistance for your new or re-roofing project. You'll get the right system to protect your building.

  • Built-up Roofing (BUR)
  • Modified Bitumen
  • Hybrid systems

Skilled applicators are essential.

A seasoned workforce and quality assurance are essential during construction of a multi-ply roof. Tri-State/Service companies have the skilled workers who will get the details right.

  • compliance with specifications
  • proper material storage
  • preparation of deck substrate
  • temperature control of bitumen
  • continuous, uniform interply moppings
  • proper expansion/contraction joints
  • expert in-house sheet metal fabrication, installation
  • ANSI-certified edge metals

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