Parkersburg, WV

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Parkersburg, West Virginia area

Tri-State Roofing & Sheet Metal Company
101 South Meadville Road
Davisville, West Virginia  26142
Phone: (304) 485-6593
Fax: (304) 485-2841
After-hours / Emergency: (304) 420-1720


Tri-State Roofing & Sheet Metal Company’s Parkersburg location serves customers in northern, central, and western West Virginia; southern Pennsylvania; and east and south central Ohio.

Services at this location include:
  • low-slope, steep-slope roofing
  • roof inspection, maintenance, repair
  • emergency services
  • industrial sheeting
  • roof coatings
  • sheet metal fabrication and erection
  • heating & air conditioning systems and service
  • design/build
“Jason, it has been a pleasure working with you and Tri-State. It takes good people to make a great company and that is certainly Tri-State!”
- Manager
“The front office project went off without a hitch. The roofers kept the inside dry thru out the process, even with a period of high winds and heavy rains of early spring. The trim and flashing by the sheet metal workers look great from the ground, it is a shame no one can see the craftsmanship of the roofers without climbing up a ladder. The supervisors kept the project on track and made sure we were aware of any issues. Should another need arise for roofing work, we will be in touch.”
- Branch Manager
“JT, your people make Tri-State a great company! Tri-State has provided quality work and materials for my terminal for the 9+ years that I have been manager.”
- Manager
“The safety ethic instilled and shown by the crew is commendable.”
- Project Manager
“The most impressive part of the job was the attitude your crew had towards safety procedures. They made it plain, on numerous occasions, that safety was the first priority, and communicated that any concerns, corrections needed, or observations would be acted on immediately. The concern they exhibited, both verbally, and in their actions and work habits, backed their philosophy completely.”
- Field Contract Administrator
“Your company did a very good job with the roof replacement and we also appreciate the safe manner in which your employees performed.”
- Fire Protection/Plant Support
“As usual, your crew did an excellent job on the roof replacement. It will be serving the bank well, long after we have all departed the work force.”
- Facilities Engineering/Telecommunications Administration
“I would like to give thanks and commend the very polite -- and caring -- secretary of my plight following torrential rains. Others just didn't seem to care we had a leaky roof -- but your secretary did and followed through!! I will never forget her kindness -- and the very nice worker who came to take care of our problem. You just have no idea how much lending me a hand during a busy, busy time for your workers during (and after) this heavy rain storm that hit our area meant to me.”
- Owner