Richmond, VA

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Richmond, Virginia

Whitley/Service Roofing & Sheet Metal Company
2700 Goodes Bridge Road
Richmond, Virginia  23224
Phone: (804) 276-5555
Fax: (804) 674-5970
After-hours / Emergency: (804) 276-5555

Tri-State/Service Roofing & Sheet Metal Group

Whitley/Service Roofing & Sheet Metal Company’s Richmond location serves customers in a 150-mile radius of Richmond, including Virginia east of Lynchburg and the Washington, D.C. area.

Services at this location include:
  • low-slope, steep-slope roofing
  • roof inspection, maintenance, repair
  • emergency services
  • industrial sheeting
  • roof coatings
  • sheet metal fabrication and erection
“We’d like to thank you for the great team that you assembled for our roof work in 2017. Luis, Freddy, Orlando, and Daniel make a good crew that maintains their safe work culture, never lapsing into an attitude of taking shortcuts to save time or effort. Although the rules are many, they treat them with the respect that is necessary to ensure the safety of themselves and others. Their safety record has been recognized by our management, and the quality of the product and workmanship is consistently above reproach. We appreciate their safety, craftsmanship, and uncompromising desire for providing a superior roof system. Thanks for a safe and productive year.”
- Construction Engineering Supervisor
“He walked me through the service prior--explained everything very clearly. He is an excellent ambassador for your company.”
- Owner
“You are now my go-to roof guys. I am very impressed.”
- Property Manager
“We enjoyed working with Whitley/Service. They were very professional and accommodating when exploring options. They do things the right way. We hope to work with them again. ”
- Architect
“You have the right to be proud of the job you and your staff did to preserve the integrity of this great historic landmark.”
- Director