Roof Inspection / Maintenance

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You can help your roof achieve its longest potential service life with an ongoing regular inspection and maintenance program. A Tri-State/Service Group inspection includes a report documenting roof condition and any repairs made, plus areas of concern. For larger repairs, a proposal with solutions will be provided.


Did you know? Studies have shown that a roof that is not regularly maintained will only last about half its expected service life.
Industry professionals recommend inspecting roofs twice a year–usually in the spring and in the fall. Semi-annual inspections can reveal roof deficiencies before they become bigger problems for building owners. Additional inspections may be needed:
  • following severe weather events
  • after work crew access / foot traffic
  • following equipment installation

IMG_5386-cropRead about the benefits of the Sentry Roof Management Plan?--a planned maintenance and inspection plan custom-designed for your facility by the Tri-State/Service Group.