Sentry Roof Management

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Replacing a roof is the single biggest exterior replacement cost you will face in the life of your building. A Sentry Roof Management Plan from a Tri-State/Service company saves you money by protecting your important roof asset.


The Sentry Roof Management program starts with a professional inspection.

  • We will provide a detailed report telling you how everything looks.
  • At the same time, we'll clean the drains and gutters.
  • A moisture meter test will be completed to determine how well your insulation is performing.
  • We perform basic repairs.
  • Additional maintenance work, if needed, is done on your terms and will be worked out prior to repairs.:
    • cost not to exceed
    • or time and material
  • To assure protection 24 hours-a-day, 365 days-a-year, a Sentry emergency phone contact is provided for priority repair.
    Sentry Plans are custom-designed by our group for your particular facility and needs, and may be:
  • performed annually
  • twice-annually
  • or more frequently, as your building and location dictate
Did you know? Most manufacturers require routine inspections by a certified contractor like the Tri-State/Service Group in order for their product warranties to remain in effect.


  • extend the life of your existing roof
  • help ensure effective manufacturer warranties
  • document and establish roof condition, serving as a benchmark for future roof evaluation
  • determine if the roof system is performing according to its intended function
  • protect roof insulation, preventing heating and cooling losses
  • locate signs of weakness, deterioration, or hazard
  • address safety concerns
  • identify and repair minor problems, which left unchecked could lead to more extensive repairs
  • locate necessary repairs
  • provide information for budgeting of maintenance and replacement roofing